Chaga Tea with Sagan-Daila (100g)


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Chaga is a popular folk remedy of the Russian population. Tea made from chaga invigorates, improves general well-being, increases efficiency. In folk medicine, chaga has long been used for the treatment and prevention of the gastrointestinal tract and various oncological diseases. Chaga is also a unique source of antioxidants and it contains a whole range of useful elements, some of which are combined with the concept of “chromogenic complex”. The taste of “Chaga Tea with Sagan-Daila” is neutral, taiga and to some extent resembles traditional long leaf black tea.

Also, the line of our chaga teas contains various herbs: sagan-dayilya, currants, thyme, mint, which further increase the value of this drink and make it more useful.

Sagan-Daila is unique in its properties, in Tibet it is called “life-prolonging.” The plant is extracted in mountainous areas at an altitude of more than 2000 m. The combination of Ivan tea, chaga tea and Sagan-Dayl, gives an unusually refined taste and delicate harmonious aroma, where the exciting notes of mountain meadows and smells of the Siberian forest meet.

Chaga Tea with Sagan-Daila with antioxidants is especially good for:

  • Oncology prophylaxis
  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Improvement of metabolism
  • Increased tone and potency
  • Removal of fatigue, nervousness

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