Chaga Tea with Thyme (100g)


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Chaga Tea with Thyme is a popular folk remedy of the Russian population. Tea made from chaga invigorates, improves general well-being, increases efficiency. In folk medicine, chaga has long been used for the treatment and prevention of the gastrointestinal tract and various oncological diseases. Chaga is also a unique source of antioxidants and it contains a whole range of useful elements, some of which are combined with the concept of “chromogenic complex”. The taste of “Chaga tea” is neutral, taiga and to some extent resembles traditional long leaf black tea.

Also, the line of our chaga teas contains various herbs: sagan-dayilya, currants, thyme, mint, which further increase the value of this drink and make it more useful.

Thyme or Bogorodskaya grass, has long been known as a medicinal plant. In recent years, it has increasingly begun to appear in the tea cards of trendy restaurants. All thanks to a special extraordinary taste and aroma of thyme. The aroma of mountain trails and fragrant meadows. Its properties are unique, so in the cold season it is able to instantly warm, and in the heat, on the contrary, to refresh and quench thirst.

Chaga Tea with Thyme with antioxidants is especially good for:

  • Oncology prophylaxis
  • Rejuvenation
  • Strengthening the walls of blood vessels
  • Stabilisation of male reproductive function
  • Relief of pain and cramps

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