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Black tea, grown on plantations of the Matsesta Valley among the massifs of the Caucasus Range, is supplemented with rosehip and currant berries, as well as mint and lemon balm leaves. A pleasant refreshing drink with a unique aroma, having a lot of useful properties, strengthening immunity and filling with vigor. Currants and rose hips – sources of a large amount of vitamin C, enrich the taste with berry notes. Melissa and mint enhance a fresh aroma, their beneficial substances relieve tension and have an antiviral effect. Tea is good for the whole family. 100% natural product, does not contain fragrances and dyes.


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Adams Rhododendron or Sagan Daila, or the White Wing is a plant from the heather family that grows in the Far East. It is a low evergreen shrub with small leaves and tassels of pale pink flowers.
“Prolonging life” – this is how its name is translated from the Buryat language. According to a folk legend about its origin, this plant was born from the strength given by the arms of the soldiers to the earth.
A true treasure bestowed upon us by the Far Eastern nature, Sagan Daila is an indispensable helper in everyday hectic life, as well as various meditative practices and dreams. It has a beneficial effect on the body and consciousness. The drink from Sagan Dail is a powerful energy source that stabilizes the work of almost all the basic systems of the body, improves sleep, and gives peace and strength.
Taste and Aroma
For brewing, collect the upper parts of shoots with leaves 3-5 cm long. They form a transparent golden-green infusion with an intense aroma. Coniferous, barberry and eucalyptus notes, the smell of thyme and green apples with a minty aftertaste are distinguishable in it. The drink has a pronounced tonic effect. It is ideal for waking up in the morning or preparing for a heavy load, whether it is an exam or a hiking trip. Leaves can be brewed separately or enriched with traditional tea, including oolongs and pueri.
The Benefits of Sagan Dayl
Modern research confirms that the plant contains many useful components, including catechins and tannins.
Here are some of its proven properties:

  • increase immunity;
  • suppression of harmful microflora in the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract;
  • stimulation of the brain and heart;
  • potency enhancement;
  • fatigue relief.
    If you decide to buy Adams rhododendron, it is important to brew it correctly. For starters, the amount should be small. The recommended initial dosage of 4-5 leaves. You can brew them separately or add to tea. With traditional brewing in a teapot or gaiwani, the proportions are not the same as in the case of tea. It is enough to put 2-3 grams of leaves per half liter of water. Thanks to this dosage, they are consumed very slowly. Thus, the price of Sagan Dayl becomes even more profitable. It is stored well, can lie for more than a year without loss of properties.
    How to brew:
    60-100 ° C
    1-3 grams
    teapot, haiwan, thermos
    porcelain glass

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