Chaga Tea with Siberian ginseng

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Chaga Tea with Siberian ginseng



Siberian chaga tea with Siberian ginseng , 90 g

Siberian ginseng or prickly Eleutherococcus is a plant “relative” of ginseng, they belong to the same Araliaceae family. Eleutherococcus is very close to ginseng in terms of properties and has several advantages:

– tones up;
– helps to improve blood supply to the brain;
– helps to increase mental and physical performance;
– helps to increase the protective functions of the body;
– longer in time and mild effect than ginseng;
– Eleutherococcus can be taken at any time of the year.

It is recommended to consume daily, instead of the usual black or green varieties of tea. Caffeine Free! 100% natural product.

Method of preparation: it is recommended to brew chag tea in a teapot, then the drink will be more aromatic and healthy. When brewing, you need to pour 2-3 teaspoons of chaga tea into a small teapot (for 2 persons), pour boiling water, let it brew for 5-6 minutes. Then pour the finished infusion into cups. You can add honey, EcoCvet stevioside, fructose to your drink. The drink is ready to drink! Have a nice tea party!

In the process of insisting, useful polyphenolic compounds are extracted from chaga, which have unique antioxidant activity, give youth, health and longevity.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, ventilated room with a relative humidity of 75%, it is recommended to protect it from moisture.

Precautionary measures

Contraindications: do not use in case of intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of this product.

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