Black long leaf Tea with Marjoram(Oregano) and Chamomile – Hand Picked Tea 100g

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Black long leaf Tea with Marjoram(Oregano) and Chamomile - Hand Picked Tea 100g

Tea black long leaf Thyme .

Thyme is a very popular herb. It is used not only as an additive to tea, but also as a seasoning and medicine.

Thyme has a lot of useful properties. Tea with thyme has almost no negative properties.
black tea large leaf 85%, thyme herb 15%



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Black Krasnodar tea of ​​the highest grade with oregano and chamomile.

100% natural product without flavoring or coloring. Does not contain GMOs.

GOST 1938-90

Matsesta tea is the embodiment of more than 100 years of tradition of growing tea in the northernmost latitudes. This tea is unique in its composition and taste.

Tea brand “Matsesta” is known far beyond the borders of the country, and this fame is growing commensurate with the expansion of tea plantations and the development of production lines of the enterprise. Annual participation in various international exhibitions and receiving a grand prix, contribute to the popularization of domestic tea in foreign markets, but the main consumer and critic, on which tea growers are equal, is, of course, a domestic tea lover.

The Matsesta Tea enterprise has numerous certificates and awards. The history of this tea brand is ambiguous, but indicative of many post-Soviet productions, because despite its utter decline in the 90s of the last century, the Matsesta tea joint-stock company was revived, and all thanks to the unique collection of tea varieties on plantations and hard work that are not indifferent to historical traditions tea production people.

Manual collection, careful selection of quality samples.

You have to try it!

black tea large leaf top grade  ,marjoram herb and chamomile flowers


Cooking method

One teaspoon of dry tea leaves is poured into 150-200 ml of slightly chilled boiling water (70-80 degrees) and insisted for no more than 3 minutes. This drink can be brewed repeatedly, gradually increasing the brewing time.




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