Black tea with Rose, Cornflower and Calendula

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Black tea with Rose, Cornflower and Calendula

We decided to emphasize the astringency of black tea with the spice of thyme and the light bitterness of calendula petals. The result was a blend with bright notes and a characteristic aroma. Black tea with thyme and calendula quickly warms, tones and invigorates. We especially recommend drinking it in the morning and at lunch.The drink does not contain dyes or flavors.Handmade.


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Black tea with rose, cornflower and calendula
The multi-colored blend cheers you up, energizes and helps you tune in to a productive day. For full disclosure of the taste and aroma of floral notes, brew the tea for 7 minutes.
The drink does not contain colorants or flavors.
It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, contains thiamine, caffeine, fluoride, tannins, essential oils. Tea tones, warms, stimulates the body’s defenses, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, balances the nervous system, improves the functioning of the digestive system.

Ingredients: black tea (leaves), essential oil rose (petals), blue cornflower (flowers), calendula (inflorescence).

Method of preparation: 1 tablespoon PHYTOCHE, pour one glass of hot water, leave for seven minutes, strain, sugar to taste.

BLACK TEA FLORIS WITH CRIMEAN ROSE CALENDULA AND VASILKA perfectly soothes, gives strength and cheers up. The herbs included in it have the following properties:

ROSE in the composition of tea enriches it not only with an excellent aroma, but also with many healing properties. This pleasant, unforgettable drink is a good prevention of colds. It will help relieve pain in the throat, if you have already caught an ailment, a good antiseptic. It has a calming effect on the gastric mucosa and will not be superfluous in case of problems in the gastrointestinal tract. This is a great drink before bedtime to soothe sore nerves and normalize the general condition of the body. In Crimea, a rose for herbal tea is collected on the southern coast of the peninsula and in its eastern part.
CORN, a blue flower with many beneficial properties. This plant helps with problems with the kidneys, urinary system, stomach and intestines, with edema, colds, bronchitis, sore throat, relieves nervous tension. This tea has antipyretic, analgesic properties, you can drink it for the prevention of many ailments. Cleans the body and gives strength. Cornflower is harvested in the Crimea in its steppe part.
CALENDULA has been known for its healing properties since ancient times. It is an excellent wound healing, bactericidal agent. It helps to cope with various skin rashes. A bath with calendula is used for rash in infants. tea with calendula helps to cope with the problems of the nervous system of the body. This drink is an effective remedy for hypertension, heart diseases, helps with women’s problems, normalizes the functioning of the liver, stomach, evens out the heart rate, helps with shortness of breath, swelling. For colds, flu, various viral infections, this tea will relieve symptoms and give strength. The inflorescences are harvested in the eastern Crimea, immediately after the beginning of flowering.

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Add honey to taste and enjoy!

Be healthy!




  • black tea
  • rose flowers
  • calendula flowers

Cooking method:
Pour boiling water over your teapot, to open a tea bouquet – you need to brew tea in a heated bowl.Pour one tablespoon of tea (5 grams) into the teapot, fill with 400 – 500 ml of hot water and let itbrew for 7 minutes. The taste of the drink will be more complete if you drink it moderately hot.




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