Krasnaya Polyana – Green Tea with fruits

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Krasnaya Polyana - Green Tea with fruits

Linden flowers have a soft, sweet, slightly astringent taste. It is in perfect harmony with echinacea, ginger and thyme, creating an unusually full taste and aroma. Linden flowers, elderberries and Echinacea leaves are known for their ability to deal with stress and restore the body’s defenses. Especially relevant is this filled with benefits of tizan during the fight against colds.


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The dried fruits of apple, pear and quince reveal the taste of green tea in a new way, decorating it with fruit sweetness. Rosemary adds a touch of piquancy to tisan. And the lemon balm leaves give the herbal drink a refreshing and mild aroma.


  • green tea
  • lemon balm leaf
  • quince fruit
  • rosemary leaf
  • pear fruit
  • apple fruit

Cooking method:
Pour boiling water over your teapot, to open a tea bouquet – you need to brew tea in a heated bowl.Pour one tablespoon of tea (5 grams) into the teapot, fill with 400 – 500 ml of hot water and let itbrew for 5 minutes. The taste of the drink will be more complete if you drink it moderately hot.




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