Cape Kapchik – Green Tea with Herbs

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Cape Kapchik – Green Tea with Herbs


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Green tea with spiced ginger is a traditional combination. Adding melissa and rhodiola to them makes the drink fresh, with a piquant pointy in taste. The ingredients gathered together make tizan a real energy drink, good for health. It dilutes blood, strengthens muscles, boosts immunity. Natural tizan is rich in essential oils that improve metabolic processes in the body.

  • green tea
  • ginger root
  • catnip leaf
  • lemon balm leaf
  • rhodiola pink root

Cooking method:
Pour boiling water over your teapot, to open a tea bouquet – you need to brew tea in a heated bowl.Pour one tablespoon of tea (5 grams) into the teapot, fill with 400 – 500 ml of hot water and let itbrew for 5 minutes. The taste of the drink will be more complete if you drink it moderately hot.




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