Chicory natural with ginseng 85 g

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Chicory natural with ginseng 85 g


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Chicory with ginseng 85 g – a freeze-dried drink from our  collection, 85 g, in a glass jar.

Chicory with ginseng is a healthy drink, which contains natural ginseng extract.

Ginseng root has a tonic and tonic effect, improves the functioning of the nervous system, increases work capacity and slows down the aging process.
Cooking method:
Prepare an instant drink at the rate of 1-3 teaspoons per 1 cup. Pour in hot boiled water or milk and stir. Add sugar and cream to taste. It is advisable to use filtered water.

Chicory has a beneficial effect on the entire body: lowering blood glucose levels, pancreatic function, and enhances cardiac activity. Used as an antimicrobial and astringent. It can replace both sugar and starch. It is indicated for many gastrointestinal problems. It also has a tonic effect on the immune system. Promotes the healing of wounds and eczema, has a weak antitumor effect.

The chicory freeze-drying technology developed by the company eliminates the effects of high temperatures during production. Therefore, the taste, aroma, all vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber in freeze-dried chicory are preserved in full.

According to a number of scientific sources * regular use of chicory and the substances it contains:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • improves digestion;
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • promotes the elimination of cholesterol;
  • helps the heart.


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