Classic green tea “Premium” (hand-picked) “Happy New Year!”

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Classic green tea "Premium" (hand-picked) "Happy New Year!"


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Exquisite green tea is harvested by hand on Matsesta plantations in an ecologically clean area. It consists of the upper unopened bud and the most delicate two or three leaves of the tea bush. Delicate and rich taste without bitterness, delicate aroma, olive color of the infusion and a long, slightly tart aftertaste characterize this wonderful drink. The very light fishy hue in the aromatic bouquet, which is caused by riboflavin B2, is evidence of the high quality of the product. The quality is confirmed by the title “Best Product of the Year” won in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016.

The unique steaming technology allows you to preserve the maximum of useful elements and antioxidants. Tea h


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