Cream Apricot Honey

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Cream Apricot Honey

Natural whipped honey with dried apricots is created from dried apricot and sunflower honey. Dried apricots soften the delicate tart sweetness of honey. The taste of apricot is felt



Dried apricots are rich in vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements. Each of them has its own function of maintaining and helping your body. Here are some of them.

Iron in dried apricots takes part in the formation of hemoglobin, therefore it helps in the treatment and removal of the effects of anemia.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and is an antioxidant. Vitamin A activates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and taurine – for this it is called the vitamin of youth. In addition, it is useful for the normal functioning of the organs of vision.

Vitamin PP normalizes tissue respiration and metabolism of fats and proteins.

Potassium in dried apricots regulates water balance and improves cardiac activity, as well as normalizes metabolic processes in tissues and organs.

Dried apricots contain fiber and pectin, which have laxative properties and normalize water levels in the body.

Linden honey, in comparison with other varieties, is the leader in the content of active substances, which determines its high medicinal value. Among the main healing properties of it are tonic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, soothing, cleansing, stimulating, restoring and others. It is also used in folk medicine as part of recipes for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as a wound healing agent, for gastritis, stomach ulcers, as an enveloping, sedative, to restore the cardiovascular system.

Linden honey is rich in B vitamins, it contains a huge amount of vitamin A in the form of β-carotene (more than 60 times in beef), vitamins E, C, H, K. Sunflower honey has no analogues among other natural products in the content of enzymes (diastase, catalase, acid phosphatase, invertase, etc.).

Ingredients: natural linden honey, dried apricots.

Nutritional value: proteins 1.8 g, fats 0.1 g, carbohydrates 72.8 g.
Energy value: 304 kcal.


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