Fermented IvanChai with linden and apple

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Fermented IvanChai with linden and apple

Green tea goes well with delicate rose and linden flowers. A natural refreshing drink helps you quickly tune in to a productive day. Green tea with rose and linden is recommended even in the afternoon, as it slightly calms.

The drink does not contain dyes or flavorings.


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Ivan tea is known for its healing properties. And in combination with dried berries, the effect of the drink only intensifies. The rich taste of fireweed in addition to sweet and sour forest berries is a fragrant and healthy tea for your health.

Blooming Sally( Ivan Tea)
with linden and apple
Fermented ivan tea leaves combined with delicate linden flowers and aromatic apple

~ Rules of brewing and use ~
Pour 1 tablespoon of tea drink with a glass of boiling water, leave for 7 minutes.
Natural tizan based on ivan tea smells good, strengthens the immune system and saturates the body with useful elements. Fireweed in combination with linden and dried apple pieces gives an unusually delicate taste, with a slight astringency and honey notes.

Add honey or natural sugar to taste and enjoy!

Be healthy!

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  • Ivan tea (fireweed narrow-leaved)
  • linden
  • apple

Cooking method:
Pour boiling water over your teapot, to open a tea bouquet – you need to brew tea in a heated bowl.Pour one tablespoon of tea (5 grams) into the teapot, fill with 400 – 500 ml of hot water and let itbrew for 10-12 minutes. The taste of the drink will be more complete if you drink it moderately hot.




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