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Chaga Tea – A Healthy Alternative
From ancient times, herbs, fruits and roots of various plants were brewed in Russia. Such drinks or explosions, as they are also called, were considered very healthy. More popular, among others, was a boil prepared from birch fungus chaga. Since ancient times, Chaga has been valued for its beneficial properties that helped our ancestors get rid of many ailments. The gourmets of those times appreciated the chaga because when brewing this birch mushroom provided a thick infusion and a unique combination of aromas, which allowed to smell the forest, awakening nature, morning dew – all in one small cup of chaga broth.

Centuries have passed, but the tradition of brewing chaga is not forgotten. Today, when a healthy lifestyle has become the norm, drinking a drink from chaga – chaga tea is also becoming the norm, because a healthy lifestyle is impossible without a healthy and balanced diet enriched with vitamins and minerals. Chaga tea, used as a daily drink, will supplement the diet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Chaga has unique therapeutic properties, which allows it to be widely used both in official and in traditional medicine. The beneficial effect of chaga on the human body is confirmed by numerous clinical trials and positive feedback from consumers who used this miraculous mushroom in the treatment of various diseases. Scientists and doctors agreed that the chromogenic polyphenolcarboxylic complex contained in the chaga underlies the action of this fungus and gives it tremendous biological activity that stimulates and restores the functioning of all body systems.

Baikal Herbs LLC, a manufacturer of natural products  is proud to present the Siberian Chaga Tea series of the Ekotsvet trademark with the addition of Baikal herbs and plants, created according to old recipes. Siberian chaga tea is a combination of innovative technologies, traditional recipes and environmentally friendly raw materials!

The Siberian chaga tea TM “Ecocvet” has excellent antioxidant properties, i.e. rejuvenates, refreshes and heals our body. These properties are confirmed by one of the recognized western laboratories.

Chaga tea TM “Ecocvet” can be drunk instead of the usual black or green tea daily. To taste, aroma, color, Siberian Chaga Tea is in no way inferior to traditional teas of any kind. And, perhaps, the most important: TM Ecotsvet chaga tea does not contain caffeine that destroys our nervous system! But vitamins, glycosides, alkaloids, saponins, enzymes, organic acids, pectins and other biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body are present in abundance.


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