Ivan Chai tea with oregano Spirit of Taiga (50g)

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Ivan Chai tea with oregano Spirit of Taiga (50g)

Ivan tea of strong fermentation (black) with the addition of St. John’s wort leaves. The tea gives a strong infusion and has a good invigorating effect. St. John’s wort is a “male” herb. Raises blood pressure, tones and helps to live an active life. The combination of St. John’s wort with Ivan tea softens the effect of the former and makes an overdose almost impossible. Drink to your health!




Ivan chai is made from environmentally friendly raw materials collected by residents of the Tomsk region. Blooming sally contains vitamin C and B, polysarahid, carotene and pectin, organic acids, macro-and micronutrients.

In the old days it was believed that decoction of oregano improves mood and has an analgesic effect. Its light, almost elusive, aroma and pleasant, sweet taste relieve fatigue and a feeling of weakness.

Ivan Chai oregano tea is drunk for insomnia or for appetite.

Ingredients: narrow-leaved firewood leaves, oregano.


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