Ivan Tea and Meadowsweet 50g

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Ivan Tea and Meadowsweet 50g

The flowering time of meadowsweet coincides in time with the flowering of fireweed (ivan-tea). Both plants are tall, powerful, abundantly strewn with flowers and leaves.

It is no coincidence that there were no indifferent people among those who tried willow tea with meadowsweet. The taste of this tea is rich, spicy ,unusually fragrant!



Ivan-tea and meadowsweet are not only delicious tea for every day, but also a healthy drink.

For example, tannins contained in meadowsweet have an astringent and bactericidal effect on the human body. Drinking Ivan-tea with meadowsweet has a beneficial effect on the whole body: tannins actively affect harmful bacteria in the body, destroying their cells.

It is pathogenic bacteria that cause bad breath, stomatitis, thrush, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
The combination of Ivan-tea with meadowsweet gives a diuretic effect, thereby flushing out all toxins and other substances poisoning the body.

It helps with various types of poisoning: food, alcohol, etc.
Despite the mild hypnotic and relaxing effect, it is undesirable to drink Ivan tea at night, since the night dashes to the toilet and back will not allow you to fully sleep and rest.

The only important condition for the correct action of Ivan-tea with meadowsweet is daily use, that is, Ivan-tea with meadowsweet should be drunk like ordinary Chinese or Indian tea.

Over time, the habit of drinking Ivan tea instead of Chinese or Indian tea drinks will have a beneficial effect on your body.

Tea composition: fermented Ivan Tea leaves, leaves, stems, meadowsweet inflorescences.



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