Ivan Tea leaf with black currant leaves

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Ivan Tea leaf with black currant leaves

The aroma of Ivan-tea is perfectly combined with the aroma of black currant, and the general strengthening properties of such a drink increase many times over!
One of the great qualities of Ivan blackcurrant tea is the presence of thiamine, which makes it invigorating. In this, the drink can compete with coffee.
A very aromatic, tasty and unusually healthy drink made from fermented Ivan tea leaves and black currant leaves. High in vitamin C!



The tea has a pleasant taste and aroma of black currant!

The leaves of the currant bush contain many valuable nutrients, they are used to treat vitamin deficiency, strengthen the immune system, and are used to restore an overworked, weakened organism. In addition, traditional medicine uses the leaves as a prophylactic agent, preventing the occurrence of various tumors in the body.

Regular consumption of tea from currant leaves and fireweed prevents such a serious disease as diabetes mellitus, lowers blood pressure, increases appetite, and stimulates the stomach, liver and intestines.

In addition, the beneficial properties of the leaves allow them to be used in the complex treatment of the liver, respiratory organs, and are also used to treat urolithiasis. Infusion, a decoction of them is recommended to be taken with atherosclerosis. Currant leaf tea will help improve immunity and increase the body’s resistance to colds.

Tea with black currant leaves is recommended to be drunk regularly for the elderly. This will help them to strengthen the cardiovascular system, preserve their vision, relieve the symptoms of gout and rheumatism. This tea serves as an excellent means of preventing atherosclerosis, which is especially important with the onset of old age.

In addition to the above properties, medicinal products made from blackcurrant leaves are used to strengthen blood vessels and are taken to maintain normal brain activity. Regular intake of the decoction helps to destroy pathogenic organisms in the digestive tract, and also removes excess uric acid and bile from the body.

Black currant leaves contain many valuable minerals – magnesium, manganese, silver, sulfur, zinc, lead, copper. They contain phytoncides, antioxidants, tannins.

We also offer you to try the forgotten taste of the healing Ivan-Tea in a healthy aromatic combination of black currant leaves.

Such tea is not only medicinal, but also just a very tasty aromatic drink for any company.

Does not contain caffeine! Not addictive!

Method of preparation: brew like a regular tea (in a teapot or a French press), let it brew well and a wonderful health drink is ready!

Fermented Ivan tea can be brewed several times without losing its healing properties!

Ingredients: fermented Ivan Tea leaves, black currant leaves (plant twigs may come across).

Good to know:

– Currant leaves are active against the causative agent of dysentery and can be used as an adjuvant that increases the activity of antibiotics



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