Ivan tea with rose petals 50 g

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Ivan tea with rose petals 50 g

A light trail of rose aroma gives Ivan tea a subtle floral aftertaste!
Tea rose has a pronounced specific aroma, taste and rich chemical composition, which allows it to be used for tea and vitamin preparations.


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The tea rose was bred by crossing a rose and a rose hip, thanks to which it received both a wondrously fragrant aroma and a set of vitamins and minerals valuable for humans.

Rose petals contain the largest amount of essential oils; they are used as the main or additional component for preparing a delicious drink.

Tea with the addition of tea rose is not only tasty and aromatic, it has wonderful beneficial properties for the whole body, helping to improve the protective functions and normalize many systems – circulatory, nervous, endocrine, and digestive.

This is possible due to the rather high content of various vitamins, especially “vitamins of youth” C and E, as well as important minerals such as iron, calcium.

Tea rose essential oil has antimicrobial properties and its scent will help fight infections during colds.

With the regular use of this aromatic drink, the body receives:

additional protection against viruses and bacteria, rose for tea
improving the state of the nervous system,
restoration of normal intestinal microflora
improving kidney function.

For women, tea with the addition of a tea rose is especially pleasant because it normalizes the natural cycle.

The active ingredients of the tea rose will help to avoid depression, quickly relieve stress and improve sleep.

Having a beneficial effect on all organs of the digestive system – liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines – a drink with a tea rose allows the body to work to cleanse toxins and remove excess fluid from the body.


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