Linseed porridge “Elfa” (cherry), 7 bags of 20 gr

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Linseed porridge "Elfa" (cherry), 7 bags of 20 gr

Sugar-free golden flax, a high quality food product containing highly bioavailable protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in an ideal ratio to improve human health.
Flaxseed Porridge – Can be used in almost any recipe and even as an egg or butter substitute. It is a highly nutritious supplement to any diet. Does not contain salt and sugar, can be poured with hot milk or hot water and is brought to the desired taste by the consumer by adding salt and suga


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Flaxseed is a new type of flaxseed in powder form. The product is well absorbed by the body and saturates it with many important elements. Flaxseed porridge simplifies the preparation of flaxseed broth, nutrients dissolve better, and it also becomes possible to use flavors. Flaxseed porridge can be consumed 2-3 times a day together with milk, yogurt, fruit juice, honey, salt or sweeten. Our product is a good addition to soups, homemade cakes, sauces. Proteins in flaxseed porridge. The amino acid composition of flaxseed proteins is similar to the protein composition observed in soy proteins, which are considered the most nutritious plant proteins and have a high nutritional value.

Fats in flaxseed porridge. The mass fraction of fat in the composition of cereals is from 12 to 20%, is represented by polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega 3 and omega 6 families, is characterized by a low content of saturated fatty acids undesirable in the diet and contributes to the implementation of important biological functions in the human body.

Microfibers (cellulose) in flaxseed are shells of seed cells and consist of polysaccharides, starches, insoluble phenolic polymers and lignins. The content of soluble and insoluble fiber varies from 1: 4 to 2: 3. The insoluble fiber fraction consists of carbohydrates (cellulose) and complex polymeric compounds (lignins). The water-soluble fiber fraction is primarily vegetable gluten. Both forms of fiber are valuable as food components due to their physiological effects (promotes bowel function, reduces atherosclerosis and lipodemic deposits). The Institute for Cancer Research (USA) has determined the rate of fiber intake at 25-35 grams per day.

Lignans in flaxseed porridge. Plant Lignans are phenolic compounds containing a dibenzobutane group. Flaxseed is one of the richest sources of lignans belonging to the phytoestrogen class, i.e. substances of plant origin showing estrogen-like activity in the human body. Experiments on animals have shown that some of the lignans have a curative effect at different stages of carcinogenesis and disrupt the growth of tumor cells. There is evidence that flax seed lignans can be used as an antiallergen. In addition, flax lignans have a powerful antioxidant effect. In this respect, it is similar to synthetic antioxidants. This property is based on its use in the treatment of atherosclerosis and coronary heart failure.

Minerals and vitamins. The content of trace elements and vitamins in flaxseed is given in the table on the label. Flaxseeds are especially rich in potassium, which is seven times as high as bananas (dry weight). Flaxseeds are the best natural sources of selenium.

The introduction of flaxseed porridge into the diet is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary organs, improves the condition of the skin and hair, and has a beneficial effect on male and female health.

Flaxseed porridge is a natural source of vital vitamins and minerals A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, chromium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, which are fully absorbed, which makes flaxseed is even healthier.

Mode of application

Pour the contents of the bag with a glass (150-200 ml) of hot milk or water, stirring thoroughly for 1-2 minutes. Add salt and sugar to taste.


Ground flax, natural flavoring and aromatic additives.


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