Phyto tea Gift set “ABKHAZIA” 200 gr- Hand Picked Tea

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Phyto tea Gift set “ABKHAZIA” 200 gr- Hand Picked Tea


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Gift set “ABKHAZIA” –  We care about Your longevity !

Herbal tea “Beach”
This is a unique composition, the aroma of which can improve mood, based on green tea, rich in antioxidants.
The drink strengthens the immune system, restores strength during increased stress and after illness, raises vitality, speeds up metabolism, removes toxins, increases efficiency and mental activity, quenches thirst and hunger.
Herbal tea “Caucasian Longevity”
A mixture of selected varieties of black long tea with herbs collected in ecologically clean areas. It has long been known as a wonderful drink with a bright aroma and original taste. Thanks to rose hips, tea has a general strengthening effect on the body.
Herbal tea “HighMountain”
The composition that formed this herbal collection included carefully and carefully selected samples of willow-herb and St. John’s wort, thyme and oregano, which together gave a product with excellent stimulating qualities, a very intense aroma and unique taste.
Herbal tea “Classic”
A carefully collected, classically compiled selection of flowers and herbs creates a herbal tea with an excellent flavoring bouquet, pleasant color, excellent aroma. The rich vitamin composition of herbs, a high content of vital trace elements improves metabolic processes in the body at the cellular level, enhances the elimination of toxins, has a pronounced sedative effect. and improves mood.



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