Phyto tea Gift set “SOCHI” 200 gr- Hand Picked Tea

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Phyto tea Gift set “SOCHI” 200 gr- Hand Picked Tea


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Gift set “Sochi” –  We care about Your longevity !

Herbal tea “Beach”
This unique composition, the aroma of which can improve mood, is based on green tea, rich in antioxidants.
The drink strengthens immunity, restores strength in case of increased exertion and after illness, raises vitality, accelerates metabolism, removes toxins, increases efficiency and mental activity, quenches thirst and hunger.
Herbal tea “Pearl”
This is a unique combination of yellow tea based on citrus and fenugreek, with an exquisite taste and aroma.
The composition improves mood and vitality, strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.
Herbal tea “Gifts of Kuban”
Legendary fruit drink of the Kuban.
A rare natural product in its qualities, capable of comprehensively supporting and improving immunity, mental and physical condition, hormonal and energy balance and making life brighter.
Can be used as a soft drink.
Herbal tea “Krasnopolyansky”
This is an incredibly healthy, aromatic herbal drink with a pleasant hint of mint, based on black long tea, which will warm you in cold weather and perfectly refresh in summer heat.
The composition has a tonic, restorative and soothing effect.



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