Temple of the Sun – Rooibos Tea

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Temple of the Sun - Rooibos Tea

Tizan  with rooibos, lemon balm and oregano


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We emphasize the dominant combination of rooibos and rose with the freshness of lemon balm and add spicy notes using oregano.

Fragrant high quality African rooibos in combination with Crimean rose petals help to overcome fatigue and stress, to concentrate on important matters.

Cooking method:
Pour boiling water over your teapot, to open a tea bouquet – you need to brew tea in a heated bowl. Pour one tablespoon of tea (5 grams) into the teapot, fill with 400 – 500 ml of hot water and let it brew for 5 minutes. The taste of the drink will be more complete if you drink it moderately hot.




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