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We all have an origin story, the beautiful narrative of our journey to the present.

Each one holds a special meaning, and many become favourites.
Here is mine in the hope that it becomes yours.



For a long time, I used to think that I did not enjoy the taste of honey. I used to visit my grandparents in the Latvian countryside and there was always fresh honey on the dining table. They were beekeepers, and perhaps the abundance of honey during my youth soured the naturally sweet treat. My parents would rave of the health benefits and would persuade me to try different types but I just was not interested.

On one occasion I underwent a remarkable change. When traveling around Italy and exploring this wonderful country, I came across a striking sight. I met bee farmers who had beehives in different floral groves. Each hive was situated around one specific plant to produce an individual monofloral variety of natural honey.

I saw almond, orange and cactus fields with the bee colonies placed in the middle and the bees tending to the plentiful pollen that surrounded them without any need to fly further away. I was fascinated by this unique process where one flower surrounding the hive produced 99% single plant honey of a rare and valuable variety.

As I found out, beekeepers don’t usually place beehives in such a way due to its costly process and the limited amount of honey produced, but the end product is marvelous and produces an unrivaled taste. It was that experience that opened my true passion for specialty honey. I realized that I hadn’t known before the true flavour of this fresh natural dessert.
We were overwhelmed with the varieties we had discovered to such an extent that we couldn’t wait to share this knowledge and flavours with the whole world.

Today at Fox and Honey you can buy
  • Monofloral honey and honey creams 
  • Italian extra virgin olive oil
  • Organic hand-picked tea 
  • Many other great and exclusive products

Monofloral honey is a rarity, and we are proud to be able to offer this unique kind to our UK customers, both online and offline.

Two years have passed since that life-changing experience with the bee farmers in Italy, and since then we have put our heart and soul into Fox & Honey.

We are delighted to share that our passion has grown to include olive oil. We have taken the same approach and sourced fresh, natural, hand-picked olives to produce one of the highest quality olive oils in Italy. We are excited to share our artisanal selection with our customers in London and the UK. 


Our mission is to bring magic into ordinary everyday life servicing our passion for high-quality produce. In doing so, we share the amazing experiences of gourmets and producers directly to your table, and to your heart. 


Our reward? Seeing the happiness & excitement from our customers as they share in our passion. What could be more inspiring?

We look forward to welcoming you to our world!


“Our family business was established in 1760, under the tradesman family name of Sharipovy. Their honey was considered the most eco-pure produce and one of the best at the time. It won awards and represented the municipal government at various trade shows that showcased local and regional produce. Customers as far afield as Japan would come to Altai to buy our honey. Soon, thereafter, we discovered that my great-grandparents’ honey was known even in Italy, where it was presented at different exhibitions and got numerous gold medals and won 1st place several times at different competitions. “

Our History

The trip to Italy, and meeting the monofloral beekeepers changed my life. I excitedly shared my experience with my parents and proudly declared the start of my new profession and occupation. I will never forget how my mother reacted. She waited for my speech to conclude and calmly stated that it must be the family genes. She went on to share how our family has for generations been in the business of manufacturing and distributing honey. We did some research and found old magazines, local incorporation papers, and the names of family members who managed the business from Latvia to East of Altai by the China border.

I was amazed and immensely proud of my family history and realized that it was my destiny to return to my family origins. It is fascinating to think that all of my experiences were leading me back to my family roots and awakening my inner passion for honey. 

I am so grateful that I can now share this historic passion, pride, and experience with you through Fox & Honey. 

What makes us different?

We are proud of our mindful approach to producing and selling honey, extra virgin olive oil, and teas to our customers. Our difference has been forged through generational experience in sourcing and producing the very best artisanal produce:

We are also extremely proud of our incredibly sweet Cream Honey, which is made naturally using a special technique where we take fresh liquid honey (most often from Bashkir or Amur linden) and process it until it goes white color with a mild neutral taste. This wonderful honey is then processed for several days either by whipping or cooling depending on the variant. The result is a light and delicate dessert that not only keeps all the benefits of natural honey but also multiplies them.⠀

Production Method Heritage

The secret of our delicious organic product is in the way our hives are arranged. The beehives are placed in the middle of a flower field or grove so that the bees are surrounded by flowers of the same kind. This ensures the bees produce monofloral or single plant honey that is known for its distinctive flavour and amazing aroma inherited from the flower. 

Monofloral honey is exceptionally rare and especially valuable. Our collection of honey includes the most delicious honey from the flowers of eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, almond, and even prickly pear cactus. 

It’s our dream and mission to develop the culture of consuming honey by understanding its magical effect on health and beauty and the overall state of mind.

I hope that our story has touched your heart and we look forward to sharing our passion for incredible Italian honey at Fox & Honey.



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