Herbal tea No9 Vitamin – 100g

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Herbal tea No9 Vitamin - 100g

Vitamin Tea is rich in useful substances and strengthens the body’s immune system, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


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The tea is composed of herbs: blackberry leaf, hazelnut foliage, rosehip fruit, lemon balm herb, lavender flowers, thyme herb, mint leaf, hawthorn fruit.

Useful Properties of Crimean Herbs included in:

· Properties of the Blackberry. Blackberry leaf is saturated with tannins, vitamin C, amino acids and minerals. Blackberry leaf tea helps with acute respiratory diseases, pneumonia, has an astringent effect, accelerates wound healing, is a diaphoretic, anti-putrefactive, strengthens the immune system.

· Properties of Hazel. The leaf of this plant contains B vitamins, vitamin C and K, tannins, fatty acids, essential oils, palmitic acid. Tea with Hazelnut Leaf strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to infections, viruses, accelerates the regeneration process, and has antibacterial effects.

· Properties of Rosehip. Rosehip is rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it is good for blood vessels and acts as an antioxidant. It is an effective remedy for problems with the urinary system, rosehip, reduces pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

· Properties of Melissa. Melissa contains B vitamins, vitamin C, A, PP, minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, iron, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium. Melissa is able to strengthen the immune system, relieve spasms, cramps, and normalize sleep. Reduces headaches, relieves symptoms of seasonal allergies, improves appetite.

· Properties of Lavender. Lavender contains vitamins A, C, iron, calcium, sodium. Lavender improves the digestion process, stimulates the immune system, has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, has a calming effect, antibacterial, antiseptic, removes excess fluid from the body, promotes the early discharge of phlegm when coughing.

· Properties of Thyme. Thyme contains a large amount of ascorbic acid, groups B, A, K, PP, trace elements: calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, barium, magnesium, tannins. Thyme is a herbal antiseptic. Tea with Thyme helps the body to resist viruses, bacteria, has an expectorant effect, improves hormones, normalizes the digestive process, improves the condition with colds, relieves symptoms, has diuretic and diaphoretic properties.

· Properties of Mint. There is almost no fat in mint, only fiber from carbohydrates, contains vitamin C, A, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium. Mint tea has a tonic effect, has light analgesic properties, antiviral, sedative, reduces inflammation, improves appetite, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the body.

· Properties of Hawthorn. Hawthorn contains vitamins A, C, E, organic acids, essential oils, pectin, choline, tannins. The combination of hawthorn and rose hips improves brain function. Hawthorn tea is useful for the normalization of hormonal levels, reduces swelling, due to its diuretic properties, improves the condition of nervous excitability, irritability, headache.

Useful properties of tea: together, herbs enhance their beneficial properties and have a beneficial effect on the body. Vitamin Tea is rich in useful substances and strengthens the body’s immune system, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

How to brew herbal tea ?: One tablespoon of herbal tea should be poured over a glass of hot water. Important! Water should be poured with the one that goes through the next stage in the boiling stage: the separation of bubbles becomes massive, the water becomes cloudy and whitens. This is the ideal temperature for brewing herbal (and not only herbal) tea. Brewing herbal tea with boiling water can spoil the taste and reduce the beneficial properties of the drink. It should be infused for 5 to 15 minutes, then strain and the Healthy Tea is ready. Add sugar, honey to taste.

You can use Healthy Tea: one to two glasses a day for three to four weeks. If necessary, repeat the reception in courses two to three times a year.

Contraindications in this herbal tea are only: pregnant women, mothers who feed children, children under 7 years old, individual intolerance to tea components.

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